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FAQ & Help

Will I get a qualification or certificate from my course?

You will receive a portfolio of your work which is the strongest piece of validation you will need in the industry No-body asks for an attendance certificate when approaching industry bods for work

How do we get taught whilst working in studio?

We teach an intense skills focused day in our pop up location salon or studio to prepare for your days in the studio on set ready to shoot Whilst there you will assist, watch and also work on an artist r model yourself to benefit from the live experience and industry environment.

What if I’ve paid and can no longer attend the course booked?

If given 6 weeks notice and we are able to re-fill your space we will issue a full refund. If we can’t re-fill your space we will issue you with 50% of monies paid.

Do all the courses with Pop Up Makeup provide the live studio experience?

Yes each course whether its one day or one week, each course will have a time in the studio shooting their work.

How does our portfolio come together from the course?

We will have a professional photographer, studio, light set ups various set designs and backdrops to fit with brief

At the end of the shoot your images will be collected and sent to you via email where you can print them to your size book, or online website portfolio.

What makeup/hair kit do we need?

We can advise you on the course materials required for each COURSES. Please see under Courses menu to have kit fully explained.

We do provide you with a basic kit and most importantly the tools which is everything– brushes! As we simply cannot compromise we will provide you with the industry’s best set of brushes at an additional cost price. See COURSES